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Custom Room Addition Service

Custom Room Addition Service

Room addition and its remodeling can be one of the methods of solving space problems at your home. There are many families who insist on a room remodeling and room addition instead of moving to a new house. Besides creating an added living space, a room addition project also improves the resale value of a house.



Starting Off with a Room Addition Project

Room addition is not a simple project. It can cause disruption in the daily domestic activities of a family. So it has to be properly planned and scheduled causing least inconvenience to the residents of the house. If you are planning severe structural changes then you can get in touch with a reliable room addition contractor from your locality.

First of all you need to find out from the building department whether home addition is possible in your plot or whether there are any restrictions. Then if you get a positive response from your local building department start making floor plan drawings for the remodeling and home addition project. If there is a blue print of the existing layout of the house then you can make the necessary revision to the plan. It is better to hire a professional architect/designer to draw the remodeling and room addition plan for you.

For room addition and room remodeling get in touch with the contractors. It is best to get three or more quotes from different room addition contractors before hiring one of them. To avoid hassles and to save time, a room addition contractor will be of great help. But if you have required knowledge and skills then you can look after the project by hiring only the sub contractors.

The remodeling and room addition plans are to be submitted to a building inspector for review. Based on the review, certain adjustments or change may have to be made to the room addition plan. Once the plan has been approved, you can start the room addition work. If your room addition project involves serious structural alterations then it is advisable to start with the ceiling first and then move on to the walls. If your room remodeling project requires new plumbing and electrical lines then it is better to ask for an inspection of the project before you complete it.

Energy Conservation Tips for Room Addition Projects

Energy Conservation Tips for Room Addition Projects

If you are adding a new room to your house or going for a remodeling, you can make it energy efficient. You can go for an energy efficient remodeling by using the recycled building materials. You can buy those doors and windows that are made from recovered wood. For wall coverings and carpets often recycled materials are used. Using the sustainable or recycled materials, you can also save on your budget for room remodeling.

When buying room addition materials, you can shop for the energy efficient models of doors and windows that keep the temperature of the room stabilized. You can also use a thermostat and program it properly to stabilize room temperature and save on electric bills.

By using an effective lighting system in the new room you can save on your monthly bill. Proper positioning of lights and adding three way lamps can help in proper utilization of energy. If you have a plan to add a bathroom during your home addition project, try to install those shower heads, dual flush toilets and other fixtures that use water in a controlled way.

Custom Room Additions

Custom Room Additions

If you feel cramped in the living space of your existing house, you can surely go for custom room addition. But room addition mostly depends on the existing layout of a house. If you need a little more space for formal gathering and to attend your guests, you can contact the home improvement consultants for a family room addition. Design the living room keeping in mind all the family members. Furnish with necessary furniture meant for both comfort and decor. You can remodel your existing room to add an extra dining space. If you find difficulty in accommodating your guests, you can add bedrooms to your house instead of shifting to a new house with bigger floor space.

If you are used to work from home and feeling like having a proper space for working then you can add a home office by remodeling an existing room. If you have a home based business then adding a home office is an ideal solution to utilize the existing living space. Home office addition improves the value of a home and when you resale your house its selling value is bound to go up.

Room Addition and Room Remodeling - Do It Yourself

If you find hiring a contractor will cost you much more than your fixed budget and you are skilled in room remodeling works then you can give it a try all by yourself. You can save on the labor costs if you have some knowledge of carpentry or you can the put up primer and paints on the walls instead of hiring professionals. If your room addition involves structural modifications and serious alterations, you can take help of the sub contractors.

Saving On your Budget

Saving On your Budget

If your budget is constrained then you can try to avoid major structural changes in your remodeling project. Instead of going for very expensive or high end materials for home furnishing, go for the affordable materials that will help you to adhere to your budget. During remodeling your room, try to retain the things that are in good condition. It is not necessary to change everything during a remodeling project. Take your time and divide your room remodeling or refurnishing works in parts.

Selecting the Right Room Addition Contractor

Room addition or room remodeling is the best use of the space that you already owe in your plot. When planning a room remodeling and addition project, get in touch an authentic and licensed room addition contractor in your locality. It is always better to discuss the whole project, the estimated budget and your requirements with the room remodeling designers and contractors.

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