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Garage Door Renovation and Remodeling Services

Remodel Your Garage Door with Innovative Ideas

Remodel Your Garage Door with Innovative Ideas

Garage door is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a garage so if you want to give a new look to your garage you should also think about replacing your old garage door with a new one. While renovating your garage door you should always remember that in addition to protection it should also contribute in beautifying your home.

Various Residential Garage Door Design

Usually if your garage door has fallen due to heavy storm, or it has lost its new look, you can go for this garage door renovation project. A well-designed and quality garage door not only enhances the visual appeal of the garage but also keeps it secured. Nowadays different types of residential garage door remain available in the market. Some of these variations include the following:

  • Sectional Garage Door - It looks like the roller garage doors but it doesn't use rollers to operate.
  • Roller Garage Door - It is indeed one of the most popular types. This door uses a drum just above the opening.
  • Side Hinged Garage Door - it is the traditional and the most simple door design, which is most seen in the rural areas.
  • Up-and-Over Garage Door - It is easy to use and have a classic feel. However, in order to make this door work, you need more space.

Garage Door Purchasing Guide

Garage Door Purchasing Guide

If you are remodeling your garage door for the first time, you should keep certain things in mind. These important points include utility, style, size, maintenance, durability, safety and material. So, always take your time and check out the following things carefully.

  • Utility - Garage door variety ranges from custom ordered to pre-fabricated and from insulated to non-insulated. However, before purchasing any of these types you need to know what is the exact function of your garage. Like, if your garage is used as a playroom, you need to use an insulated garage door that will prevent the sound from going outside.
  • Style - Color is indeed an important factor. It is better to choose that color, which will go well with the colors on the exterior of your home. As for example, if you have a modern looking house, it would be a bad choice to install an old-fashioned wooden style garage door. On the other hand, windows on garage doors provide the extra light entering into your garage. Garage windows can be made out of different types of glasses including frosted glass, stained glass, tinted glass and more.
  • Size - you should also consider the garage size before purchasing a door for your garage.
  • Maintenance - There are some garage materials, which need more maintenance than the other materials. So, make sure how much time you will be able to devote for your garage door cleaning purpose and then finalize which one to buy.
  • Durability - It is always better to choose that door which will be able to sustain dents. The climatic condition in which you are living in really influences the durability a lot.
  • Safety - Garage door is not only installed for the purpose of decoration but it is also used for safety and security.

Garage Door Materials

Nowadays different materials are used for manufacturing garage doors. Those materials are wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. Usually Steel garage doors are most used in North America. It has been observed that aluminum garage doors are the least popular ones.

Replace Garage Door Weather Stripping for Energy Efficiency

Garage door weather stripping is undoubtedly important. As for example, hard rains may damage your garage door. On the other hand, cold weather can take a toll on your stored items. So, use such materials, which will keep your garage protected from the cold air.

Garage Remodeling Services

Garage Remodeling Services

While discussing about garage door remodeling, you should also have a fair idea about garage remodeling. It is always advisable to select a standard garage remodeling company for this work. Sometimes in order to meet up your space requirements you may go for remodeling of garage. This is because; new construction involves comparatively more money, hassles and complications. This is why with the course of time garage remodeling is becoming so popular among the homeowners. There will be nothing wrong to say that in recent times, garage renovation comes next to the bathroom and kitchen remodel project. In the true sense, this is a part of home remodeling.

Benefits of Undergoing Garage Remodeling

If your family has gotten bigger or you are thinking to work from home, you need to have extra space. In such a situation you should use your garage. But before that you should concentrate on your garage remodeling. Some of the main benefits of availing garage remodeling services are mentioned below:

  • This remodel project if done successfully can add value to your property.
  • A remodeled garage makes your home look more spacious.
  • It makes your garage space more useful.
  • Garage remodeling can also be done within a couple of weeks. So, you can go for it at any time you like.
  • This remodeling work does not take up much time. However, the electricians and plumbers need to come to your house for making necessary electrical, gas and water connections.

Different Ways of Remodeling a Garage

Different Ways of Remodeling a Garage

Though nowadays many of the companies are offering garage renovation services you should make sure that the company you have chosen has proven its expertise in the field of home improvement. Or else your guests will easily understand that due to the scarcity of space you have turned your garage into a living space without taking much care. To effectively mask the alterations you should cover up the original concrete slab with new carpeting or fashionable flooring. You can also add windows, French doors or skylights to brighten up the space. Apart from this, you should also insulate the roof and the outside walls for enhancing the energy efficiency. If required, you can also have a fireplace with an outside ignition air source.

You can use your remodeled garage as a living space, library, craft room, laundry room, game room or a breakfast area. If you like, you can also use this area for cultural programs. Other than that, you can make it a home office; art studio or else you can use it as a guest room. The most interesting thing about this garage remodeling is that it does not require any building permits. However, before making inquiries you should not start with the remodeling project.

At our garage remodeling company you will be provided with home improvement and remodeling services. Added to this, we also offer quality garage door renovation services to all our local as well as international customers.