Quick Ways to Create Bathroom Space

A bathroom no longer means an enclosed space of four walls. Modern trends of home improvement give ample importance to bathroom remodeling and renovation. It is a space where you can relax and treat it as a personal retreat. If you properly remodel your bathroom it will add value to your house and can also increase its resale value.

If you have any plans to undertake a bathroom remodeling project in near future, you can check out the following tips of bathroom remodeling. If your bathroom space is not too big then the following ideas will help you to make it look spacy.

  • Making it Look Spacious: You can install a skylight in your small bathroom to make it look apparently bigger. Instead of using simple wall papers, use striped ones. This will make your bathroom walls look elongated. You can also make your bathroom walls look taller by installing tall shower door.
  • Installing Mirrors and Lights: If you can create illusion of space you can make your small bathroom look bigger than actually it is. Install mirrors facing each other so that more light is reflected inside the bathroom. Without even moving your bathroom walls, you can make it look spacious. Make lighting arrangements in your bathroom in a new way to give it an enhanced look. If you have initially installed hanging fixtures, then remove them during bathroom remodeling.
  • Increase Floor Space: If you have a small bathroom you can make it look bigger by clearing up your bathroom floor as much as possible. Remove carpets from bathroom floor which makes your bathroom look smaller. Also remove unnecessary accessories from your bathroom. Instead fix cabinets on walls that can be used for storage purpose. Do not even clutter your small bathroom space by flower pots or magazine racks.
  • Decorate Wisely: Though your bathroom is not big enough yet you might be keen to decorate it. In this case you need to be judicious. Use a decorative towel or simply place some small aromatic candles. Due to dearth of enough space you can not choose to be haphazard in decorating your bathroom. Install spacious wall cabinets where you can put away bath towels, toiletry products and medicines.
  • Proper Bathroom Accessories: Often due to unplanned shopping of bathroom accessories, your bathroom starts looking smaller and cramped up. When your bathroom space is already small there is no use making it look smaller. What goes well in a big sized bathroom may not be suitable for your bathroom. Do not use bath curtains that make your bathroom look divided into sections. For widening look of your bathroom space you can install frameless bathroom doors. Since these doors don’t have edges it will make your bathroom look visually bigger.
  • Paint It: To make your small bathroom look bigger you can choose proper shade of paint while remodeling it. Using darker shades for a small sized bathroom will make it appear smaller. But if you apply a light shade of paint it will look spacious and fresh new paint will change the old look.

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