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Redesigning Your Bathroom in a Professional Way

Bathroom is no doubt an indispensable part of  house. It is also a place of personal retreat. It is where you groom yourself before stepping out of your house. Bathroom can be redesigned with style and certain accessories can be added to make it a more relaxing place for you. A well designed and well maintained bathroom enhances value of your house. A buyer surely pays attention to bathroom designing before buying a house.

Whether you are planning to redesign your bathroom which is of very small size or you are planning to add luxury to your master bathroom you can always consult your bathroom remodeler. Have a talk with your architect and interior designers and do it in a professional way. Contact experienced home remodelers so that you get best of home improvement services.

If you want minor remodeling for your bathroom then you can go for some easier methods that are also quite affordable. Instead of going for a full bathroom redesign you can partly redesign it and add new fixtures and accessories to give it a fresh new look. You can hide your old bathroom installations by implementing wall systems and tub liners. You can paint your bathroom to give it a vibrant look.

Make it appear cozy and warm by choosing a soothing color for your bathroom walls. If your bathroom looks dull and boring you can add some greenery to it by placing some potted plants. You can install mirrors in your bathroom preferably one facing the other which will make your bathroom appear larger than actually it is.

If your plan is major remodeling for your existing bathroom then you can always ask an interior designer to help you out. He/she will be able to tell you what goes best for your bathroom depending on its size and your set budget. But it will be never wise to cramp your bathroom as you keep adding different appliances and fixtures. You can install a luxury shower or add fog-free mirror in your bathroom to give it a stylish look. If you are too tired of using same bath tub for years, you can bring some change by buying a tub with jets. You can also install a small stereo in your bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you wish to follow modern trend of bathroom redesigning and budget is not a constraint then you can install radiant flooring in your bathroom. With every step you can feel warmth of this flooring system. If you feel it’s a high time to change your bathroom flooring then you can install ceramic or marble floor tiles to add elegance. You can completely change appearance of your bathroom by installing new stylish lighting system. You can remove hanging fixtures from your bathroom and instead install new sophisticated ones matching to today’s style of bathroom remodeling. How about installing a personal spa at your own home? As you plan redesigning your bathroom you can add luxury by installing a spa in your bathroom for exquisite bathing experiences.

Quick Ways to Create Bathroom Space

A bathroom no longer means an enclosed space of four walls. Modern trends of home improvement give ample importance to bathroom remodeling and renovation. It is a space where you can relax and treat it as a personal retreat. If you properly remodel your bathroom it will add value to your house and can also increase its resale value.

If you have any plans to undertake a bathroom remodeling project in near future, you can check out the following tips of bathroom remodeling. If your bathroom space is not too big then the following ideas will help you to make it look spacy.

  • Making it Look Spacious: You can install a skylight in your small bathroom to make it look apparently bigger. Instead of using simple wall papers, use striped ones. This will make your bathroom walls look elongated. You can also make your bathroom walls look taller by installing tall shower door.
  • Installing Mirrors and Lights: If you can create illusion of space you can make your small bathroom look bigger than actually it is. Install mirrors facing each other so that more light is reflected inside the bathroom. Without even moving your bathroom walls, you can make it look spacious. Make lighting arrangements in your bathroom in a new way to give it an enhanced look. If you have initially installed hanging fixtures, then remove them during bathroom remodeling.
  • Increase Floor Space: If you have a small bathroom you can make it look bigger by clearing up your bathroom floor as much as possible. Remove carpets from bathroom floor which makes your bathroom look smaller. Also remove unnecessary accessories from your bathroom. Instead fix cabinets on walls that can be used for storage purpose. Do not even clutter your small bathroom space by flower pots or magazine racks.
  • Decorate Wisely: Though your bathroom is not big enough yet you might be keen to decorate it. In this case you need to be judicious. Use a decorative towel or simply place some small aromatic candles. Due to dearth of enough space you can not choose to be haphazard in decorating your bathroom. Install spacious wall cabinets where you can put away bath towels, toiletry products and medicines.
  • Proper Bathroom Accessories: Often due to unplanned shopping of bathroom accessories, your bathroom starts looking smaller and cramped up. When your bathroom space is already small there is no use making it look smaller. What goes well in a big sized bathroom may not be suitable for your bathroom. Do not use bath curtains that make your bathroom look divided into sections. For widening look of your bathroom space you can install frameless bathroom doors. Since these doors don’t have edges it will make your bathroom look visually bigger.
  • Paint It: To make your small bathroom look bigger you can choose proper shade of paint while remodeling it. Using darker shades for a small sized bathroom will make it appear smaller. But if you apply a light shade of paint it will look spacious and fresh new paint will change the old look.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Where and What to Remodel in Your Kitchen

Nowadays most of the people are applying their different innovative ideas for remodeling their kitchen. But never forget to do all the financial arrangements before availing any of such kitchen remodeling services or else in the mid way you may fall into trouble. Usually there are some definite things that are being altered while remodeling kitchen. Among them, the most important thing is the floor.

Sometimes it may happen that in spite of proper maintenance, our floors get cracked and stained. In such a situation, you should never try to scrub it. This is because; it may create more damage on your floor. So, you need to use something on your kitchen floor that is both durable and scratch resistant. It is better use marble or ceramic tiles as they are easier to clean and more durable than other commonly used flooring materials.

Apart from this, while kitchen remodeling you can definitely go for cooling or heating system in your kitchen. In fact, if you already have an air filter then it will not cost much to repair them. Another thing that really worth a mention while undertaking kitchen remodeling is the plumbing of your kitchen. Sometimes you may need to place the sink and tap of your kitchen in a different place. In such a situation do not waste time to get in touch with a plumber or else the kitchen remodelers may find it difficult to remodel your kitchen space.

Other than this, you may also change the look of your wall. In such a situation, you can use ceramic tiles to give it a new look. It is really not a costly project. So, at any time you can go for such remodeling services, which will surely make your kitchen look different and a unique one. However, before starting off to change your walls you must make sure how many walls you are going to remodel and how many wall tiles you need to buy or else you would not be able to understand how much money you have to spend for your kitchen remodeling purpose.

Color of the kitchen walls also plays an important role so you should also give importance to it. You may go for a new color, or you can paint your kitchen walls with the same color. In fact, if your budget is not much, then it is always better to apply a single new coat of the same color.

If you were trying to give your existing kitchen a facelift, custom kitchen cabinets would be your perfect choice. Even if you have this already, you can change its color or customize its space and usability according to your needs to make your kitchen look slightly different. However, before implementing those aforementioned suggestions, it is better to consult a few reputed kitchen remodelers. Or else it may not give you the effect, which you are trying to bring for your remodeled kitchen.

So, what are you thinking off? If you have become bored with your kitchen’s old look, do not hesitate to remodel it as early as possible. If this remodeling work can be done properly, it can surely be said that your kitchen will get a new look, which will definitely impress your friends and neighbors.

Kitchen Trends for the Future

We remodel our kitchen either when we need to expand or retract its floor space or simply when we are tired of seeing the same old kitchen everyday. If you have a plan for kitchen remodeling then you can go for a stylish kitchen and follow the latest remodeling trends. Kitchen is an important part of your house and if it is well maintained it adds value to your home. Especially during resale of your house your buyer will surely appreciate your efforts and you will get a good price for your house.

For kitchen remodeling services you can get in touch with the professional kitchen remodelers or you can also add some personal touches as you set up remodeling plans for your kitchen. When we go for a kitchen renovation and remodeling project most of us look for the new appliances, new accessories and fixtures that will go with the latest trend of home improvement.

First of all decide whether you want to carry out the entire kitchen remodeling task yourself or you want to assign it to some kitchen remodeler. In the meantime you can take a look at the following remodeling ideas for your futuristic kitchen:

• Flooring: Tiles for kitchen flooring have always been an in-thing. But to go with the modern trends do not use very dark colored tiles for your kitchen. Choose light colored tiles if your kitchen space is not too big. It will make your kitchen appear bigger than usual. Choose a sophisticated color for your kitchen tiles that will help to set the entire appearance of the place. Following the latest trends you can use green materials as well. Using eco-friendly material like cork floor tiles will fetch high appreciations.

• Cabinets: If you want to make your kitchen look trendier than before then you can look beyond the common designs and structures used for kitchen cabinets. Sometimes it is seen that the kitchen designers instead of seeking new styles from urban homes, take inspiration from the households located away from the towns. Instead of adhering to a uniform look for your kitchen cabinetry you can install cabinets of two or more styles in the same kitchen.

• Countertops: Marble countertop for kitchens is a very trendy way to refurbish your old kitchen. This trend is going to stay for the coming years and recently is a popular choice to home owners. For kitchen countertops, Granite is surely another smart choice. Laminate countertops are very much in use nowadays. Choose rich textured laminate countertop for your kitchen that will add value to your kitchen.

• Lighting Accessories: Latest trend is to use energy saving lights in kitchens. These new lighting accessories will give your kitchen a new look and you can also save a lot on your electricity bill. Your kitchen will get a completely different appearance if you can properly illuminate it. Small work lights are widely used nowadays. Instead of installing the large fixtures buy the latest and stylish fixtures matching to the kitchen décor.

How to Save When You Remodel a Kitchen

After using the same kitchen for years you must be looking for some change. A lavish kitchen remodeling generally costs a huge sum of money. But there are some great ideas with which you can bring a changed look to your kitchen without spending much. For cost effective kitchen remodeling ideas you can consult professional kitchen remodelers. If you have ample skill in home improvement works and want to save on kitchen remodeling service charges then you can also do it yourself.

Here are some useful ideas for you with which you can save money as you remodel your kitchen —

  • Paint it: The most cost effective way to give your kitchen a revived look is to paint it. A fresh coat of paint will surely enhance the gloomy mood and add a new life to your kitchen. Choose a completely different shade of color than the one your kitchen walls already have. But avoid applying too dark colors. Too light shades will neither look good.
  • Cleaning and Painting Cabinets: Change the look of your boring old kitchen cabinets through refurbishing. You can use Tri-Sodium Phosphate or TSP to remove the grime and darkening look of the wooden cabinets. For vinyl cabinets use simple soap water to clean its surface. But if you do not feel like going for cleaning this time then you can go for painting. Turn the stained cabinets to almost new with good quality paint. You can definitely undertake the cleaning or painting job yourself and save on your remodeling budget.
  • Refurbishing the Cabinets: You can change the surface appearance of the existing cabinets of your kitchen by adding or replacing some of the cabinet accessories. Instead of purchasing the whole cabinet all over again you can replace the cabinet doors. Apply new finish to your cabinets if you like. By changing the drawer fronts, knobs and pulls you can refurbish your old cabinets.
  • Used Appliances: For a cost saving kitchen remodeling you can buy used electric appliances. Already used refrigerators and ovens can be bought. But do not forget to check whether the appliances are properly working.
  • Inexpensive Flooring: If you plan to change the kitchen floor but thinking of how to save on it, then using vinyl flooring is a good option. If you like the appearance of hardwood floor but not sure whether you can afford it or not, you can install engineered wood flooring for kitchen.
  • Cost Saving Countertops: Change the look of your kitchen by installing new countertops. But instead of buying very expensive ones you can save money by installing laminate countertops.
  • Kitchen Fixtures: Save good amount of money while kitchen remodeling if you can restrain yourself from changing all the accessories in your kitchen at a time. Instead change only some parts of the accessories. Instead of replacing the kitchen sink you can change only the faucet. For comparatively low costs, buy the chrome finished fixtures for your kitchen. If you want variety within an affordable cost, buy nickel, brass as well as chrome finished fixtures and combine them to give your kitchen a different look.

Home Improvement Safety

If you have decided to accomplish a home improvement project all by yourself, then you should be very careful to adopt necessary safety measures. As service charges of most of the remodeling contractors are quite high that’s why homeowners prefer to do it themselves if it is feasible. But often it is seen that many home owners forget to abide by the basic safety measures.

If home improvement task involves too much risk then it is advisable that you should go through user instructions so that you can be careful during carrying out the task. Especially if you are using a chemical or toxic product then make sure to thoroughly wash your hands so that no residue of the harmful product stays on your skin. While painting your house you can safely use salad oil to get rid of paints from your skin. Once the work is completed it is also important to discard waste products in proper way or it can harm surrounding environment.

As a common safety measure you should wear protective clothing while working for construction, remodeling or any of the home improvement projects. Do not forget to wear masks, gloves and eye wears where necessary.

When you buy different building materials for home improvement, do not forget to buy a work kit consisting of protective eye wear, gloves, hearing guards etc. For home improvement projects you will require some basic tools. It is also important to use the right kind of tool or you may not execute the project in a proper manner. Your basic tool kit box can include screwdrivers, drills, roller and edger, paint brushes, hammers, joint putty, tapes, pipe wrenches etc.

Simply buying required tools is not just enough. They need proper maintenance. After completion of your home improvement project do not forget to clean them and keep them at a safe place. Single use tools like sponge paintbrushes can be discarded after use.

Electrical works are quite complicated. So you need to be extra careful while working with electrical wiring and appliances. Make sure to dry your hands before you start off with any electrical work. Do not forget to read all the instructions provided by the manufacturer and check with all electrical components before you start installing or repairing it at your home. Look out for labels and marking on the electrical wires. If they wear off do not forget to check them yourself for the sake of your safety and re-label them. It is also important to check the electrical outlets before using a new component or repairing it.

Following the safety measures for home improvements will help you avoid work hazards. Taking different precautions during working may lengthen your work process a bit, but at the end it is you who will be benefited. As we know that adopting prevention methods is a wise act instead of facing problems later. So to avoid getting caught any accidents and health hazards do not forget to follow at least the basic safety guidelines.

Hardwood Floor Repair Tips

Hardwood flooring requires proper maintenance to last for years. After years of use some problems may arise and it may require some extra attention. Call in professionals to repair hardwood flooring. If it is a negligible problem you can also repair it all by yourself.

Scratches and loose planks are some of the common problems faced with hardwood floors. Due to improper installation, hardwood planks can get very loose and you may require a floor installer to put them in place. Nailing down the loose hardwood planks to the sub floor can also solve problem. Incase of slight scratches on floors, you can use touch up kits to repair it on your own. A complete refinishing may be required incase of severe scratches on hardwood floors.

Here some useful repairing tips have been given for problems that are usually faced by homeowners:

  • Warped Hardwood Floors: Due to moisture accumulation hardwood floors can get warped. It requires immediate attention and you should call in a professional home remodeler for floor repairing service. Warping in hardwood floor can also occur due to poor quality hardwood or lapses in installation process. But if your hardwood floors start sagging, it needs to be treated seriously.
  • Cupped Hardwood Floors: Sometimes hardwood planks rise up on the edges and center of the planks tend to sink downwards. This is often caused due to imbalance of humidity level in the house. If this level can be set right then further cupping of the floors can be prevented. When floor surface becomes normal again, it needs to be refinished and flattened down with professional hands.
  • Buckling Up of Hardwood Floors: Often buckling of hardwood floors occurs from gradual warping and as the planks get loosened from the sub floor. This hardwood flooring problem should be repaired immediately. The root of this warping should be found out to prevent further buckling up and so that the planks remain attached to the sub floor below.
  • Crack or Split in Hardwood Floors: After several years from installation, hardwood floor planks can develop cracks and splits. As a quick and effective repair, hardwood planks can be put together with angled nails. The blemishes on the hardwood floors due to these splits can be hidden by applying wood putty. You need to think about refinishing the floor from a professional floor installer if the cracks further develop. Incase of serious cracking and splits, damaged planks can be removed and new hardwood flooring planks installed in their place.
  • Gaps in Hardwood Flooring Planks: A very common problem with hardwood floor planks is development of gaps. Most of the time due to seasonal change these gaps occur in between wooden planks. As hardwood planks expand and reduce due to temperature variation and change of humidity level, this is a natural phenomenon with hardwood flooring. The gaps in the planks tend to appear in particular season. But persistent gaps in hardwood planks require repair by professionals.

Choosing Environment Friendly Green Windows

Have you ever noticed that windows of your house can be a reason for heat loss in winter and in summer months can cause your house to heat up more than usual temperature? Installing green windows can be a solution to this problem. Installing energy efficient windows has several advantages. Green windows will help maintain energy efficiency level of your home through out the year. Green windows will help fetch good value for your house when you resale it. Above all you can improve appearance of your house by installing green windows.

For green window installation get in touch with a professional home remodeling contractor. Cost of green window installation can vary depending on a homeowner’s requirements and level of energy efficiency. Energy efficient windows definitely cost more than non energy efficient windows. But installation charge of a green window or an ordinary new window to your house is more or less the same.

Energy saving quality is most important attribute of the green windows. If you have any plans to remodel existing windows of your house then you can go for green windows. If your house remodeling budget permits, then going green will be a good choice. Instead of inefficient windows go green to save energy. If you want to get more benefits from green remodeling then you can also go for natural lighting system and solar heating at your house.

Today’s homeowners are aware of the benefits and necessities of going green and thus the popularity of installing green windows is increasing day by day. Green windows have potential to turn your home more comfortable for you as they enhance energy efficiency level of your house. Using insulated window shades will give you better result during cold months as they can entrap heat inside your rooms.

When replacing ordinary windows of your home you can install following types of energy efficient green windows according to your requirements:

  • Low E Window: This type of window will prevent heat loss from your house and at the same time will ensure increase of heat within the house. You can make your home very comfortable all round the year with installation of low e coating windows.
  • Frames with Low Conductivity: Instead of buying steel framed or aluminum framed windows which has low energy efficiency levels go for window frames made from fiberglass, vinyl, wood etc. If possible use insulated frames for windows.
  • Window with Multi Panes: To improve the energy efficiency of your house you can replace single pane windows with double pane windows. You will get better results with windows that have triple panes or you can install super windows at your home.

Green window installation not just enhances appearance of your rooms but it also contributes to a healthy living. The insulated windows also help reduce sound from outside and pollution more than ordinary ones. There are also some green windows that can prevent some amount of UV rays of sun from entering your rooms.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you find bathroom remodeling a tiresome job, do not hesitate to contact a bathroom remodeler. Have a talk with your interior designer, architect and remodeling contractor. Consult them to know what kind of remodeling is suitable for your home. Make sure you maintain a good communication with your bathroom remodelers so that they can understand your requirements. It is important to chalk out a remodeling plan before you start off with your home improvement project.

Depending on your requirements, budget and bathroom size you need to plan your remodeling project. Here are some basic ideas and tips which you can use during remodeling your bathroom:

  • Talk to your Bathroom Remodeler: As you assign home improvement projects to a home remodeler, make sure you inform him about your requirements and budget for the project. You can check the preliminary estimate of a bathroom remodeling project by talking to more than one contractor. Go for a contract with a home remodeler when you find the best one for your project.
  • Remodeling Ideas for Luxury Bathrooms: The word luxury says all. If you desire complete luxury in your bathroom then get best of accessories and facilities to pamper yourself. Make sure the bathroom space is efficiently utilized while remodeling it. You can install a luxury shower or a whirlpool tub for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. After a day’s work you will feel great to get a therapeutic massaging effect in a whirlpool tub. A luxury shower is more convenient to use and adds luxurious bathing experience.For more luxurious remodeling for your bathroom, you can install sauna bath. Enjoy relaxing massages and exotic bathing experiences at your own home. Installing vessel sinks will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. You can also install countertops and spacious cabinets in your bathroom matching the décor. If you wish to change the existing flooring then you can go for Ceramic tiles. It reflects a rich choice of the homeowner. For winter seasons, you can use floor heating system in your bathroom. It can raise your bathroom remodeling budget but you can enjoy a warm and comfortable feel each time you step on your bathroom floor.
  • Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathrooms: For small bathroom remodeling you have to be careful about proper utilization of the available space. Compared to a luxury bathroom remodeling, it is cheaper to remodel a small bathroom. Do not clutter a small bathroom with lots of cabinets and unnecessary accessories. Try to use the corners of your bathroom. To save floor spaces you can utilize these corners by installing corner sink, cabinets, faucet etc. For small bathroom remodeling in-wall cabinets are just great. Use these cabinets for storage purposes and your floor spaces would not be occupied.

If your bathroom is really small, you may need to shift your bathroom to free more space. You can also move the wash basin to a more convenient corner that kept occupying a lot of space for years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Floor Installation

Flooring is one of the important parts of any house. For flooring installation at your home you must have chosen the very best for you, suited to your requirements and budget. If laminate flooring is your choice then it is indeed a smart choice that you have made. But it goes without saying that before installation you should be aware of the many advantages as well as disadvantages of the particular type of flooring material you have chosen.

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for homeowners due to its cost effectiveness, toughness and convenient installation processes. If you have already chosen laminate for your home flooring then let’s check with its advantages so that you will know that you have made a right choice.

  • Installation: Laminate floor tiles are comparatively easier to install than other flooring materials. For laminate floor installation you do not have to take the hassles to nail them or attach them to the sub floor. The planks can be easily snapped together for quick and effective installation.
  • Easy to Use: Laminate flooring is also known for its versatility of being used on any substrate. It can be also installed on substrates where previously vinyl floor was installed. It is easy to install laminate flooring on surfaces like plywood, wood and even concrete.
  • Appearance: Next to hardwood floors laminates are also highly in demand to the homeowners. Laminate is a great alternative to wooden flooring. The look and feel of laminate floor resembles hardwood and it adds aesthetic appeal to your home.
  • Durability: One of the aspects for which laminate flooring is chosen is its durability. Laminate floors are resistant to scratches as well as to stains. Even if it is exposed to sunlight, it does not fade easily.

Though laminate floor installation has a number of benefits yet there are some disadvantages as well. Before you install laminate at your home take a quick look at its weaker points so that you can be careful about its maintenance right from the day of its installation.

  • Repairing: Compared to other flooring materials it is difficult to repair laminate flooring. Wooden flooring can be repaired and refinished for a number of times but this is not possible with laminate floors. If your laminate has persisting problems you may have to change it. But it is often seen installation of a laminate floor costs more than repairing cost of a wooden floor.
  • Damage from Moisture: Laminate flooring is susceptible to moisture. Laminate floors are made from fiber boards which get easily damaged from water. Laminate floor planks may get expanded from water damage and in that case you have to replace your home flooring. So it is better not to install laminate floors at places where it can be affected by water especially in bathrooms.
  • Installation: Compared to other floor materials installing laminate can be easy. But it requires good skills to do it yourself. If you want professional touch and proper installation at your home it is better to consult floor installers.